If you are selling a business, Ivy Mill Partners can help relieve much of the stress by meeting with you to hear about your goals and desired outcomes, which helps us determine your options. Are you just beginning to think through a possible sale? We will ensure you understand the complete process.

Ivy Mill Partners can help you:

Capture value by learning how your business executes and competes within its’ industry.

Review and analyze your performance metrics and identify opportunities to leverage your strengths and core values.

Find a qualified buyer and achieve a smooth, successful transaction.


Are you interested in selling your business?



There are several benefits to buying a business! You have the opportunity to work in a field you are passionate about while making all of the important decisions to help your business grow. Owning a business means freedom to control your future and create your own, flexible work schedule. It’s difficult to find the perfect business that will produce your desired outcome, and that’s where Ivy Mill Partners comes in.

Whether this will be a first time purchase or a strategic one, we can assist you with the buying process from start to finish.

At Ivy Mill Partners:

We work with you to determine the type of business that will satisfy your personal goals.

We assist you through the due diligence process, the negotiations, and the closing process.

We provide guidance on financing to assist you with your business purchase.

Private Business

Private businesses generally represent a long-term commitment of hard work and passion on the part of its owners. Once a decision is made to sell your business, much effort needs to be put forth to ensure the selling process yields the best net result for the business owner. Ivy Mill Partners is here is to walk you through each step of the way to help you capture the value you worked hard to create.


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